About me

Who am I?

…That’s one secret I’ll never tell.

Just kidding, here are some quick facts for you to get to know me.

  1. My name is Caitlin, name meaning ‘pure’
  2. I’m 19 years old, born in August, star sign Leo (Tell me your star sign and tell me if you read/believe your horoscopes!)
  3. I live in London, the big ol’ city
  4. I’m currently doing an apprenticeship in PR/Communications (and loving it!)
  5. I love to read, which I’m sure you will have gathered from my blog posts already. I mainly read YA but I’m trying to expand my horizons and challenge myself to read more Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction
  6. I’m an avid TV watcher. One TV show that I love, if you didn’t already catch my reference earlier, is Gossip Girl. I’ll pretty much watch any American drama, sci-fi, thriller, mystery TV show out there. If you can name one that I haven’t watched I’ll be very impressed! I’m always looking for new shows to watch so feel free to recommend some in the comments!
  7. I also love photography. I’m an amateur at best but I love going to different places in London, taking photos, editing them afterwards and seeing the whole thing come together. Do I have an Instagram account I hear you ask? Why, yes, I do! You can follow me at caitlinlgrace.

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