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Cloudy. Rainy. Cold. After a few miraculous days of sunny weather in England, we have finally been greeted with the clouds and rain we are so used to. As we begin to clear out our summer clothes and dig out our autumn attire, students across the country are setting off to the universities of their choice ready to experience the best years of their lives. Among these thousands are the majority of my friends and I couldn’t be prouder of them. A few months ago I thought that would be me alongside them, packing up my room, buying kitchen utilities and buying an unnecessary amount of stationary. Alas, life has other plans for me. Let’s rewind back to results day when I received three C grades. Although it was lower than I had expected to receive I was still happy with the overall result. However, after not getting into my firm university and not entirely sure if I wanted to go to my insurance university I decided that the best course of action was to take a gap year. Although it is hard to see my best friends off I know that in the long term it will be for the best and so I have created a list of benefits a gap year will bring me.

1. After fourteen years of education, this year will finally offer me a time where I can find out who am I without the restrictions of school. This may sound cheesy and cliche but after being surrounded by other teenagers to compare yourself to for years and restricted in school to express yourself this will offer me a chance I’ve never had before to find out what I like, love or even hate, to find out what my goals in life are and discover more about myself.

2. This year will offer me an opportunity to try and find work experience or internships in different businesses to help me decide what working in different industries is like and perhaps help me decide what career I want to go into in the future.

3. As of the last couple months, I’m no longer sure if an English Literature course is for me. I hope by taking a year out I can discover what I want to study so that I will enjoy the course instead of just tolerate it.

4. Money. As most people know university is expensive and for many teenagers, like myself, have to work part-time to save money. A year out of education will give me a chance to save up more money that if I do decide to go to university next year I’ll hopefully be more financially stable.

5. By taking a year out I have more time to do things that I enjoy such as writing, reading for pleasure, not school, and taking photographs.

These are just five of the reasons of many as to why taking a year out is not a bad thing and why it can actually be beneficial. Good luck to those who are off to university and to those who aren’t!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

-Caitlin Lauren Grace x


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